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Jenny Nguyen

Phone: (949) 600-8625
Cell:      (714) 204-8041

Jenny Nguyen, a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (#1427) at Professional Fiduciary Services, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of California State University, Long Beach, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Family and Groups. She has always had a strong compulsion to help family and friends when they are in her presence by tending their requests.

As an experienced Operations Manager, she has demonstrated a history of working in the banking industry. Working in Laguna Hills for seven years, and prior, three years in parts of Los Angeles and North Orange County, she became one of the leading employees at the company. Jenny became a resource to SoCal regional offices in providing guidance, training, and coaching to associates in analytical skills, client relations, regulatory compliance, and conflict resolution. Over the years, Jenny gained the trust of clients with her advancements and achievements at an early age.

Since becoming a graduate, and working in the financial industry, Jenny encountered a number cases such as account takeover, elder abuse, and fraud. She is custom to achieving due diligence and attention to detail in her work. Her extensive involvement at the financial institution consisted of updating and gathering documents for corporations, LLCs, and sole proprietorships. On occasion, she has come across distressed family members where they are unable to access accounts due the lack of proper title or dealing with courts due to the funds being escheated to the state. To that effect, she has an understanding of documents being presented for claiming funds or signing authority. These documents include trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, court letters for a conservatorship, estate, guardianship, and Social Security letters for a representative payee.

With a strong background in banking and a passion for family dynamics, she brings expertise and dedication to her work. She is committed to the betterment of continuous improvement, leaving a lasting, positive mark wherever she goes. Now, as a professional fiduciary, she strives to become an advocate for individuals and families by promoting their comfort during their lifetime, and protecting their possessions.

Jenny has a great appreciation for film, art and literature. She shared her creative writing at the Honors Transfer Council of California’s Building Bridges Research Conference. This is one of the most prominent highlights of her educational career presenting at a conference in engaging individuals to share their interpretations and experiences. In her work, she wrote a piece on our social connections with our emerging technological world as they both coexist. She believes as social beings, we all need someone, even with the high reliance of technology and social media.

Outside of work, Jenny can be found spending quality time with her two daughters, taking them to parks, gardens, or attending their next cousin’s birthday party. And if she is not too eventful, you can find her exploring new foods or catching the newest movie in theaters with her husband. She is bilingual in Vietnamese as she continues to accompany her highly regarded parents at home and in the community.

Other Licenses:

Notary Public
Commission #2450427
Expires 06/17/2027

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