In Orange County, CA, conservatorships are heard in probate court at the Lamourix Justice Center in Orange, California.  A Conservatee is someone who doesn’t have the capacity to manage his or her personal care and finances.

Usually an attorney representing the conservatee recommends to the court a conservator, which usually is a family member, friend or fiduciary.   The court approves the conservator after an investigation to manage a conservatee’s daily needs and financial assets.  The conservator must follow the law and act in the best interest of the conservatee with the highest trust, accountability and responsibility.

Conservator of the Person and Estate Duties

  • Supervise medical care, insurance benefits, and disability benefits
  • Arrange a living facility
  • Manage personal care needs
  • Monitor meals and clothing
  • Manage home care services
  • Arrange housekeeping services
  • Arrange transportation and daily activities
  • Support spiritual beliefs
  • Manage financial assets
  • Provide record keeping and accounting services
  • Coordinate a team of advisors as needed
  • Assure that the appropriate California and Federal Income tax returns, including the estate/gift tax return, are filled out properly and filed on time.
  • Organize and handle all mortuary and cemetery arrangements
  • Provide court accounting and conservatee’s current status report