Successor Trustee Services

Being the largest group of licensed private professional fiduciaries in Orange County, we offer a wide and diverse range of fiduciaries varying in sex, age and ethnicity, each with unique life experiences and language skills to serve your needs.  Choosing a particular individual to be your professional successor trustee provides the security that your wishes will continue during your lifetime and at death.  We have been referred to as the “paid family member.”

So why choose a PFS successor trustee?

It’s simple, we’re California licensed, credentialed and bondable, but most importantly, we’re experienced, committed, compassionate and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just like a family member, we’ll always be there for you in the times you need us the most.

How a PFS successor trustee can help

  • Supervise medical care, insurance benefits, and disability benefits
  • Provide record keeping and accounting services
  • Coordinate a team of advisors as needed
  • Assure that the appropriate California and Federal Income tax returns, including the estate/gift tax return, are filled out properly and filed on time.
  • Treat beneficiaries impartially while respecting individual personalities
  • Marshall all banks, brokerages and real estate properties in the trust name
  • Mediate family disputes and long standing grudges
  • Invest trust assets reasonably based on your wishes
  • Divide the assets to marital/exemption trusts
  • Communicate to your beneficiaries on a regular basis regardless of legal duties to do so
  • Manage any and all creditors’ claims
  • Organize and handle all mortuary and cemetery arrangements
  • Manage real estate and rental properties
  • Evaluate the emotional impact on the surviving spouse and aid them through their transition
  • Assist in the evaluation of the personal and real properties
  • Investigate and manage business, partnership and investment arrangements

Specialized Financial Services

It’s important to know we customize all of our services to meet your specific individualized needs.  Sometimes, your trust may require more specialized financial care and management than most other fiduciaries offer. That’s why at PFS we offer expanded services in:

Investment Management

For those trusts that require portfolio management, we exclusively use fee-only advisors who agree to be held to a legal fiduciary standard to determine your portfolio asset allocation needs, risk tolerance, tax analysis, cash flow needs, goals, objectives and reporting.  This service is provided at no additional charge for most trusts. 

Real Estate

We manage residential, commercial, office, retail, industrial, agricultural, vacant and development properties.  We tailor our need for outside expertise based on the complexity and wishes of the family. 

Alternative Investments

Many individuals have oil, gas and mineral income from mining claims and partnerships. We offer services to determine how best to manage these assets.