Danae McDaniel, NCG, CLPF

Tel:      (949) 600-8625
Cell:     (951) 733-0009
Email:  danae@trusteepro.com

Danae McDaniel is a bondable, California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and National Certified Guardian specializing in family business dynamics. She holds nationally recognized credentials in Fiduciary Management for a Trustee and a Conservator from California State University at Fullerton.

Her diverse background and degree attainment combine to comprehensively serve her clients with broad and deep skillsets. She holds a Master of Science in Business Psychology from Franklin University, a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California State University at Fullerton, and she is a currently a CFP® Candidate through The American College.

As an experienced financial advisor, financial planner, and registered California tax preparer, Danae understands the complexities of asset planning and management. Concurrently, she serves small to mid-sized family businesses preparing for family succession, sale, or scale, acting in consulting, training, and executive coach roles.

Prior to her career in financial services and business consulting, Danae served in non-profit organizations supporting scale and turn-around efforts. She holds her ordination from Crossroads Christian Church and received her Master and Doctorate degrees in Christian Ministry during this time. Her expertise has allowed her to mediate family issues, provide grief counseling, and help families transition through difficult life events. She spent more than a decade providing transformational leadership and training to non-profit boards, leadership, staff, and volunteers.

Early in her career, Danae utilized her Kinesiology degree to secure a position at a local hospital, serving as a Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Assistant. This experience taught her the art of collaborating with doctors and nurses, how to negotiate hospital systems to better serve patients, and she gained valuable insight into the residential care options available upon discharge.

Danae has completed NRA approved courses and learned the safe handling of firearms so that her gun-owning clients can rest confidently that these items are being properly secured.

Danae has been executing the duty of a fiduciary throughout her career, seeking to put her clients first and giving them the ability to act independently whenever possible. When asked why she became a Professional Fiduciary, she replied, “People deserve dignity, honesty, and highly skilled professionals to serve them well. As a CLPF, I am committed to doing everything in my power to provide this to my clients.”

She loves animals of all kinds (except spiders) and has a deep place in her heart for making sure they are well cared for when owners are no longer able to support their pet’s needs. She is very close with her family and is the proud mother of two adult daughters.

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