Our third session is a discussion of a Conservatorship, Durable Power of Attorney (DPA) and the Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD). It is my belief that this session is the most important because it is about your health and who will make decisions for you when you cannot. It motivates you to think about hospice care, quality of life issues, pain and burial preferences and much, much more. We highly recommend you look at ordering the “Your Way” booklet (2 free booklets per household — do recommend you make a donation) from the H.E.L.P. organization (http://www.help4srs.org/publications/yourway).

The DPA is an often abused document. The conservatorship is something to avoid. Avoidance is usually feasible if you have all your estate planning documents in order.



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Outline – IYE Week 3 – Planning for Incapacity – Fay Blix
Outline – IYE Week 3 – DPA, AHCD & Conservetorships – Miller
Guide – Managing Someone Else’s Money – Guide – Power of Attorney
Guide – Managing Someone Else’s Money – Guide – Court Appointed Guardians
Guide – Your Way – A Guide To Help You Stay In Charge
Form – Advance Health Care Directive
Form – POLST – Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment


Managing Someone Else’s Money – Guide – Power of Attorney
Managing Someone Else’s Money – Guide – Court Appointed Guardians
Advance Health Care Directive

Your Way
5 Wishes
HIPAA – Authority to Inspect and Release Medical Information


Friendly Fire – When Family Can’t be Trusted
Spelling Out Funeral Wishes Keeps Clients Comfortable
Helping an Aging Parent with their Finances
Excellent Movies with a Dementia Theme
Key Estate Planning Documents for Seniors
Work Smarter With Widows
Game Changers – Dealing with Dementia
Blood and money – How familial strife can unravel estate plans
Oregon’s Death With Dignity law – Brittany Maynard died on Saturday
The Long Goodbye – Katy Butler on how modern medicine decreases our chance of a good death

How to help ensure you die on your own terms
Top 40 host Casey Kasem’s disappearance holds lessons for advisers
No one wants to talk about death, but you need to anyway
Protecting Mom & Dad’s money
Aging Parents, Embattled Kids – Can You Find Pain Relief
Dear Mom and Dad
References and Contacts
Terminally ill woman who fought for right to die has change of heart
At Life’s End, Many Patients Are Denied Peaceful Passing – NY TIMES
Power Grab!


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