This national award-winning series was started by Peter Kote in 1993 when he was employed by Long Beach State University. It was designed to educate staff and faculty about financial and estate planning.
It has gone through a multitude of changes with one major goal in mind – pure education in a safe environment to avoid the predatory sales practices of the financial service industry.


Click on a session below for information and videos.

Week 1: Introduction and Quiz
Week 2: Annuities and Mutual Funds
Week 3: Financial Planning I
Week 4: Financial Planning II

Week 5: Long Term Care Planning
Week 6: Equity Investing
Week 7: Fixed Income Investing
Week 8: Review/Investment Rules of Thumbs

We created rules and they are simple:

  1. No commercial or for profit sponsors (charitable sponsors want you to be as wealthy as possible, give to the charity versus paying it in the form of taxes and consider an income gift such as a charitable gift annuity)
  2. We use only speakers who can agree to be a fiduciary (put the interest of their client first) to their clients and do not sell financial products only their services. We promise no professional advisor will receive any attendee contact information.
  3. We promise no charity will solicit a donation and no financial products will be sold.

Below is a summary from each 8 week session:

  • What is the very first question you should ask your advisor?
  • How should you allocate your investment assets to preserve your wealth?
  • What is the difference between an annuity, variable annuity and a mutual fund, including fees, commissions and expenses?
  • What factors should you (not your insurance agent) consider with long-term care insurance?
  • Is there a difference between an asset manager, financial planner, stockbroker, banker and insurance agent?
  • What are the potential “conflict of interests” your advisors may have?